Wooden Trellis Design Ideas

Some people will take their gardening seriously as a hobby and also to provide them with the organic and healthy food source. If you also love to do gardening, you will be familiar with the trellis design. You might also use the trellis that is made with the metal wire for the plants. But you can actually use the wooden material for this. Not only that it is safer to the environment, the design can also be more beautiful if you use this.

Choosing the Trellis Design with the Wooden Material

The people that use the trellis design with the metal wire will use the mesh design for the garden. This will indeed give the protection and support for the plants. But if you are using wood, this will be a little hard to be done, but that does not mean it is impossible. You can use the small sticks of the wooden material to make the cages as the place for the plants. Then, you can cover the plants with this by planting the feet of the wooden cages around the plants.

wooden trellis material » Wooden Trellis Design Ideas

If you want to go with the simpler way, you can use the long wooden sticks as the supporter for the plants. This is actually the easier way to get the trellis design for the garden. You will only need to plant it near the plants that need supporter. Usually, this will be suitable for the plants with the weak stems that will need place to grow, such as the grapes and peas. But you can also use this kind of trellis for the plants that have the thick bush to prevent the stems from falling.

beautiful wooden trellis » Wooden Trellis Design Ideas

Remember, the point of having the trellis design is that so it can protect and supports the plans while also bring the better look in the garden. Therefore, you should decorate the trellis before using it.

wooden trellis design » Wooden Trellis Design Ideas