Wooden Sofa Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Sofa is always treated as the main piece of any living room. It is not only designed to be comfortable, but most sofas are also pleasantly aesthetical. Among various designs that are available in furniture market, you can see wooden sofa design continues rising in popularity. You will be seeing some interesting design samples of such sofa in the following part.

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Several Cool Design Samples of Wooden Sofa Sets

  1. Classic Sofa with Tan Oak Finishing

The sofa has a classic design that will never go out of date. It has a straight back with little curve on top to soften its appearance. This two-seater sofa has solid wood frame with four legs. It helps preventing the sofa from looking too bulky. The distance between its seats to the floor also allows homeowner to perform cleaning more easily.

This wooden sofa design has tan oak finishing which is combined with peony themed upholstery. It creates overall soft look which makes it perfect choice for pastel colored room. The material used for its wooden frame is mango wood.

  1. Sheesham Wood Sectioned Sofa

If you accommodate many people on regular basis, this sofa would be a perfect option. It has an aligned chaise on the right side to provide additional seating area. The rectangular design looks simple, but you can see some nice details on the legs. This wooden sofa design is given teak finish to emulate aged wood impression.

You can nap comfortably on the sofa due to its plush cushions. The sofa has sandy brown colored cushion which matches nicely with the teak finishing of its wooden frame. The frame is made of high quality sheesham wood.

  1. Contemporary Style Sofa in Macadamia Brown

The three-seater sofa is a great choice for those who want to introduce urban vibe in their living room. It has rigid frame with slight curve at the back. The cuts look clean and straight too. This sofa design has nice bottom structure with four legs (each located at every edge). You can see very clearly where the body and legs are connected.

It is painted in macadamia brown color. Beige cushion is fitted onto the frame of this wooden sofa design. The cushion is plush enough to ensure that everyone is going to have pleasant time lounging on it. The material that creates its frame is sheesham while the upholstery is made of fabric.

  1. Antique Style Sofa with Back Carving

This design has rustic and antique vibes to it. You can see that the finishing is made to show off that the wood used has been aged for a while. Some nice details are included in the sofa which includes brick-like pattern on the seat’s surface. The highlight is definitely the intricate carving at the back of its seat. It adds subtle regality to the sofa.

It does not have armrest and up to three adults can sit on the sofa comfortably. There is no cushion on the seat since this wooden sofa design mainly wants to highlight the rusty feeling and carving at its back. The sofa is made of solid wood and steel frame.