Wooden Driveway Gate Design Ideas

Driveway is where you come to enter the house area before reaching front door. In some places, the houses are close each other and separated with fence. That’s why driveway is necessary to let your car in and out easily. To make elegant style, you may consider installing wooden driveway gates.

The Design for Wooden Driveway Gates

attractive wooden driveway gates » Wooden Driveway Gate Design Ideas

Driveway gate is not just simple door because it has other functions. You can decorate it with attractive style that matches with the house concept. Exterior decoration, landscape style, fence, and driveway gate create the sense of protector. People cannot pass without permission, and gate is the first line of protection.

  1. Wooden gates

Using wooden driveway gates is one of the options when you decorate the house with classic touch. Since old times, the gates used wood before metal or steel started to enter the gate industry. It has one particular benefit that others do not have. You can adjust wooden based on the type of perimeter or fence you install.

Besides, wooden gate is perfect match for exterior that utilizes old style. You may see old cottage in village and most of them uses wooden. If you want to imitate their style, apply driveway with wooden gate. People will see your house as stylish, elegant, and classic one.

  1. Pair gate

The most common design of wooden driveway gates is pair model. As you know, gate has hinges in left and right sides. Besides, the installation uses two door leaves which you can push or pull at the center to open them. Pair gate is the most effective option as long as you have enough space. The driveway for one car will use tight spot, but still reliable.

For security measure, the gate uses double lock in both door sides. You can install electric lock with wireless control. This is what you should do if no one is in that gate when you want to enter or leave the house. Therefore, the gate becomes more secure and protective.

  1. Single gate

Another style for driveway gate is single mode with one door. Unlike the previous design, it is exactly similar to normal door. You can put one hinge in left or right then push the door from opposite side to open directly. Choose this door for house that’s relatively small and only one spot is big enough for garage. To expand the capability, wooden gate has electric control, wireless access, and security camera.

  1. Sliding gate

Most gates are in pull and push mode that needs space to reach the farthest door. It is not issue for spacious front yard. Unfortunately, limited space in city makes wooden driveway gates have to be properly installed without hassle. As solution, you may choose sliding gate that can goes backward and forward easily. It is like you slide left and right, but the wooden gate is bigger than normal door.

Each of wooden driveway gates has pros and cons. Wooden is durable to withstand extreme weather. However, you still need to do maintenance properly in order to prolong the durability. That’s what you need to know about driveway gate.