Wooden Coffee Table Furniture Design Ideas

Speaking of wooden coffee table, then we will talk about a wide selection of designs and styles extraordinarily charming. In addition, we can also get a wide choice of types of wood used in the manufacturing of a coffee table from the trunk, mahogany, up to oak. By choosing a coffee table made ​​of wood, then we will get a beautiful table as a best friend to complement the decor of the room. We will get a different texture depending on the type of wood used. As is known, the coffee table is an item that plays an important role in improving the overall appearance of a room, and a wooden coffee table is one of the popular furniture choices because there are many design options that we can get. When some homeowners love the coffee table of wood with intricate designs, then some homeowners like wooden coffee table with a simple design. It will largely depend on the style of decoration that we apply to the room and preferences of each homeowner when choosing the desired coffee table.

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If we have to get a coffee table made ​​of wood with a design and style that we want, then it is time to provide routine maintenance on the coffee table so that we can get the charms remain for long periods of time. If we do not perform routine maintenance on the coffee table, while we will have it for a long time and does not intend to replace it, then this will only make the display of coffee table look unattractive.

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Then, what kind of care that we can apply? Here are some of the types of care that we can apply on a wooden coffee table.

(1) Clean the dust from the coffee table on a regular basis – make sure there are no dust was piled on the table. Clean using a feather duster or soft cloth. Make sure we do it every day.

(2) Clean the coffee table using a mixture of oil soap and water. This is the kind of care that we can do a few weeks to make a coffee table look enchanting. Use this mixture to clean any part of a coffee table using a soft cloth, rinse with water, and dry with a cloth.

(3) Perform regular polishing using polish products that are on the market. We can also polish the table by using a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar.

(4) Makes sure we put the table in a dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight, and avoid humid room.