Wood Fence Pickets and Some Options of Style

Using wood fence may sound less popular right now. People need something stronger wall to protect their house from any unexpected problems. However, when you live in a safe and secured environment, using thick and strong wall will be unnecessary. It is better to have wood fence. It comes in style while it also gives you sense of privacy since the fence can also make your house unseen. In case you are interested to have fence, wood fence pickets should be picked and there are some options.

The Top Recommendations of Wood Fence Pickets

simple wood fence pickets » Wood Fence Pickets and Some Options of Style 

When it talks about the design and style, wood fences cannot be ignored. Moreover, when it is already a safe environment with good security, having wall be less necessary and it is good to build wood fences. In making the fences, pickets are needed and there are various designs and styles to choose. It will be nice to see some variations.

  1. Dog ear cut

The first style of wood fence pickets is the dog ear cut. As its name, the pickets are cut to imitate the shape of dog ears. However, it is not kind of pointing dog ears. It refers to the dog ears when it is not pointing or when the dogs are relaxed.

This kind of picket style is good either you want to use it for the semi-privacy or full-privacy wood fence. In other words, these can be created to get full protection or have some spaces where your garden can be seen.

It looks simple, but these will be one of the good designs to choose. This picket also usually comes in various height and width, so it is easy to choose depending on your wood fence sizes.

  1. Gothic point style

When you want to have another easy reference of building a wood fence, the gothic point style can be chosen. Basically, it looks like the dog ear cut. However, the top is different. It is more like a tip of arrow.

The top of the picket is cut to create artistic design. It gives nice design. When it is constructed into wood fence, the wood fence pickets will look great, especially when it is for the semi-privacy fence. It is because the design creates a hole between the pickets, so it will be less suitable for the fully-blocked wood fence.

  1. Concave wood pickets

The other design of wood fence pickets is the concave wood pickets. This is different from the dog ear and gothic point styles. In the dog ear and gothic point, the pickets can work independently, so it is easy to arrange them in any width.

However, the concave pickets are already measured. It is like a package of pickets with dedicated cut to form a circular concave. That is why each picket is already cuts to create the curve, so it must be installed.

As the variation, there are double or multiple concave. These become the variations. There are also concaves where it is combined with the gothic points or other picket style, so these variations are placed between the concaves.

Those are some options of style for the wood pickets. There are still many kinds of options to choose. Of course, every family may have different style or design for the wood fence. In installing the pickets, it is also fine to make combinations, so the design of wood fence pickets can be more attractive.