Wine Bottle Chandelier Design Ideas

Wine bottle chandelier is a clever way of recycling that we can apply. As we know, a bottle of wine that is made ​​of glass has an interesting side which when combined with light will produce an attractive appearance. If we are interested to obtain an attractive display using the wine bottle, then we can do it alone. It will be a fun DIY project to do. For that, there are some things we need to prepare and do. The first thing we can do is have a plan about where we would put the chandelier. Typically, chandelier hangs above the table by considering a sufficient distance so as not to block the view of any person when the light is applied. After that, make sure we design a chandelier design sketches that will be built on a piece of paper so we know how many bottles of wine that we will use. Do not forget to make sure the design is not as wide as the width of the table beneath it.

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When we design a sketch, try to get design ideas from several sources including the internet or magazines or brochures or catalogs that we have to get a view of the chandelier designs that suit the tastes and desires. So, what can we do to start the DIY project? Well, first we have to set up some bottles of wine in accordance with what we want, lamp shades, light bulbs, wires, and some other standard equipment. Second, turn any wine bottle into a lamp shade, cut the bottom of the bottle, and install a light bulb in the neck of the bottle. If we want to produce energy-efficient light uses LED mini, then we do not need to cut the bottom of the bottle.

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If we want to produce a dramatic effect on a room by using a wine bottle as a chandelier, then we have done the right thing. The other thing we need to consider if we want to implement a wine bottle chandelier is that this is one of the installations that require special care. What is important is that we must ensure that the installation is done correctly because it related to an electrical problem that could jeopardize the safety of anyone if it is not done properly.

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