Window Solar Shades Design Ideas

Solar shades for windows functions to manage and control the sunlight coming through the window in order to prevent overheating in the home and prevent make us have to pay the cost of cooling that much more. Here are some solar shades are intended to be applied to the window that we can choose to apply.

(1) The first is overhangs – this is one of the easy and effective ways for us to shade the south-facing window. By applying the overhang, then we will get a full or nearly full shade during the summer lasts for a window facing south. While in winter, sunlight will enter through the bottom of the overhang.

extraordinary window solar shades » Window Solar Shades Design Ideas

(2) Awnings – roles and functions the same as the overhang but has a higher degree of flexibility where we can get the shading for windows in several directions, including east, west, and south.

exciting window solar shades » Window Solar Shades Design Ideas

(3) Isolation – this is the type of shading that can be applied to exterior and interior windows. Its function is not only blocks the sunlight coming, but also provide insulation – as the name suggests, in order to reduce heat transfer through the window. This is the type of shading that must be withdrawn during the daytime in the summer so that we get shade and open at night to reduce the cooling energy required and at the same time letting heat go free.

impressive window solar shades » Window Solar Shades Design Ideas

(4) Solar screens – to use it as one of the solar shades for windows, then we will be able to block direct sunlight, but it makes us get light spread throughout the room. Another function of the solar screen is that these items do allow light spread in a room, but can reduce glare and excessive heat caused by direct sunlight.

(5) Reflective – offers effective shading on the west and south windows. As the name suggests, this is a kind of shading that is able to reflect heat and absorb heat.

stunning window solar shades » Window Solar Shades Design Ideas

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