Window Box Planter Design Ideas

Window box planters are basically a very perfect idea to bring a more charming window display, as well as a perfect diversion of blank walls that are too simple to be shown to everyone. And so the display of window box looks more attractive, we can decide to grow plants that have beautiful colors are bright, colorful, and stands out like a daisy, violet, up to jasmine.

So that we can deliver the best window box planters, then there are some tips that we can notice.

(1) Make sure the window box which we have equipped with drainage holes to leave at least a half inch between the box and the home side window as a place for the water to drip so it will not make that particular house is made of wood becomes brittle so.

impressive window box planter » Window Box Planter Design Ideas

(2) Makes sure we do not fill the window box with too much stuffing so the support that we apply are able to withstand the weight of the box with the maximum. To reduce the weight of the window box into a lighter, then instead of filling it with soil, we can replace it by using potting mix and use a box made ​​of fiberglass.

(3) In order to look more attractive window box then we can plant some crops thriller and insert stuffing colorful.

fabulous window box planter » Window Box Planter Design Ideas

(4) Decide to plant crops according to the season so we can enjoy year-round window box. For the winter, for example, we can plant lobelia, twinspur, violas, until million bells. For warmer seasons, we can grow sweet potato vine, wave petunias, verbena, fanflower, until angelonia.

In addition to some of the tips above, we also have to make sure not to forget the regular watering each plant in a window box because one of the drawbacks to plant in window box is water dries quickly when compared with plants grown in the soil. Besides water, we also have to make sure that we routinely apply fertilizer every two weeks.

amazing window box planter » Window Box Planter Design Ideas