White Apartment Decorating Themes

elegant white apartment interior - White Apartment Decorating Themes

When we decided to apply the white apartment decor, then we will get the impression of a wider space, a large, airy, and clean. Applying style décor by using white color will be very useful in opening up room for even the smallest sized room. Yup, nothing can match the color of the white greatness in giving a greater impression on a room. To be decorating the apartment using a white color can work well then there are some things we need to note that we did not get the room that seemed flat and dull even after applying all-white color in it.

elegant white apartment interior - White Apartment Decorating Themes

The first thing we need to consider is to include a certain number of textures and patterns that can help us create depth – we can do this is by adding a touch of decorative elements with a different color (not white) in the room. We can choose to use a black picture frame on white wall that will serve as accents as well as a counterweight. In addition, we can also use mirrors to reflect light and open space. Do not forget to consider the location of the mirror so that we can maximize the amount of natural light into the room we enter. To bring a different texture and feel, we can provide a layer on a chair or couch and put some cushions by applying design or a contrasting color. Meanwhile, to add to the natural feel of the room, we can incorporate additional elements of wood as decorating elements that will add to the cool appearance of the room at the same time provides warmth in the room.

The second thing we need to consider when applying white apartment decor is by presenting a more decorative wall using paint, wallpaper, or wall stickers. If we decide to use wallpaper, then choose wallpaper with white background plus a pattern corresponding to the style of decoration that we apply. If we decide to use wall stickers, then choose wall stickers with the design and style that can show our personal taste as owner of the apartment. When we decided to use paint, then try to make the design that more personalized and elegant so we will make the walls look more attractive and chic.

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