Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

There are a number of wedding table decoration ideas that we can apply to the consideration of various factors including the theme and colors of the wedding we are going to hold. Yup, the theme and colors that we apply in the wedding will play an important role in determining the best design for a table for guests. We can produce various kinds of display according to the taste of table decorations including presenting a unique and creative.

Here are some ideas for wedding table that we can choose to apply.

(1) When we decided to get married in the spring, then we can enter into the spirit of spring wedding table decorations. We can use a variety of fresh flowers that bloom as a very fitting idea to apply as a centerpiece on the wedding table. Do not forget to add a variety of other decorative items such as tablecloths apply the colors to suit the theme of the wedding in the spring such as lavender or green. If we do not want to use flowers, then we can replace it with the use of candles in glass that will make the atmosphere more colorful.

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(2) When we decided to get married in the winter, then we can choose to apply the white linen on the tables and add a high pillared candle are placed in a glass vase to help give a warm feeling to the guests. We can also choose to use other colors such as linen light blue or other cool colors. Do not forget to add some other decorative elements as additional accents that will add to the wonderful atmosphere of the wedding party.

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(3) If we want to bring the atmosphere of an elegant wedding, then we can apply a black and white theme as one of wedding table ideas. It will be a wedding that will be remembered by all the guests who come. For wedding table, we can use the white linen napkin colors combined with black. After that, place the flowers like orchids in the middle of the table to give a sweet accent to the overall table display.

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