Walk In Bathtub with Safety Measure and Many Designs

Having bathtub helps you to do relaxing after the tiring day. In that case, the bathroom should have enough space for bathtub. Several models are available and one of top choices is walk in bathtub. This kind of bathtub uses watertight door when entering the tub. You do not need jump over, and the tub is sealed properly.

Walk In Bathtub Details and Features

luxury walk in bathtub design » Walk In Bathtub with Safety Measure and Many Designs

The next sections will explore several aspects related to this bathtub. At first, you must know the design and style that’s always available in this tub. After that, explore the safety measures and installation. The last part shows the cost if you decide to obtain this bathtub.

  1. Design and style

The term walk-in is when you step into certain spot and do not need to jump over because of high threshold. In bathtub, walk-in feature is when you just step and already inside it through the door. In general, this bathtub looks like box without lid and you will be taking bath inside it.

The design for this tub is varied, but mostly they have one similarity. All designs use watertight door where users can come and go. Of course, you only enter it when the water is not inside the tub and already drained properly. This is the main difference between walk in bathtub and regular one.

Most bathtubs retain the old style, such as rectangular with swinging door. You can put this one in bathroom. For movable mode, the tub has wheels where you can change in any spot anytime. Besides, this tub is usually for disability and elderly. Another design is fixed installed in certain spot, such as bathroom corner.

  1. Safety measures

You can rely on this bathtub due to security measures. Some people feel uncomfortable when jumping over. With this tub, you do not need to do such thing. Just open and step easily into the tub. As it mentioned above, elderly people use this bathtub due to lack of physical support when using normal bathtub.

Moreover, watertight door will seal the bathtub from leaking. However, you must be inside the bathtub for longer period until the water is ready. This issue is fixed when you install multiple faucets with vast water stream. The water will pour quickly.

  1. Installation

Installation for walk in bathtub is simple. You must keep the area around the tub as clear as possible. Give enough space for stepping and the door. If the tub is sealed in the corner, you just adjust the bathroom properly. Portable bathtub seems to be the most suitable one when the bathroom is not specifically for bathtub installation.

  1. Cost and maintenance

Regular bathtub is relatively affordable due to simple features. However, you must spend extra money for walk in bathtub. The cost depends on the size, material, features, installation, and additional support. Besides, you may spend more when the bathtub is leaking. The maintenance is necessary to prevent unwanted situation.

At stores, you can find many designs for this bathtub. One benefit you must know is the height that creates the deeper bathtub area. In regular one, the water is restricted and not deep enough. On contrary, walk in bathtub provides deeper water that covers the entire body. That’s why this bathtub is favorable.