Using Screened In Porch in Your House

A screened in porch is the best type of front porch if you like the house to be less obvious to other people. By installing the porch, you will have a porch, technically, but still get some privacy there because the area has walling surround it. This idea is also great to make sure there is no bugs, insects, and debris flowing through the house easily. Find out more about this porch down below.

Several Material Types for the Screened In Porch

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The screening part of the porch can be made out of many materials. What to choose among those available materials? Well, it is heavily depending on your budget and preference for sure. To understand more about it, here is the list of the most common types of materials for screened in porch.

  1. Fiberglass

The most common material for the screen on the porch is fiberglass. It is a fabricated material that is light, cheap, and easy to use. Fiberglass is great in resisting heat as well as keeping anyone inside the porch quite warm during chilly seasons. This is why the material is great to be used to make the screen and keep the porch delightful in usage.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is also the common material when it comes to make screened in porch. The screen made out of aluminum is considered as strong and durable. However, it has one negative side, which is it can be hot to touch, especially during summer time. Aluminum is the type of heat-absorbing material, after all.

  1. Brass

Besides of aluminum, you can also use brass as the strong, sturdy material for the screen. However, brass, just like aluminum can be sometimes too hot to touch during summer time. Brass is better looking than aluminum, though. It has that yellowish color that is more interesting compared to the plain-looking aluminum.

  1. Copper

If you want the screened in porch to have vintage, classic, or even medieval look, you can have the screen made out of copper. Copper has that golden, rustic color to enhance the overall look of the porch. It is definitely needed by the house that adapts old-fashioned kind of theme.

  1. Canvas

Last but not least, there is this canvas screen for the porch. Canvas is more flexible. It can be removed easily and washed when needed. Canvas is not resistant against stains so that you will have to be careful not to spill anything or mark anything that may ruin the appearance of the porch screen. Even so, the material is still in favor because it does look amazing and available widely.

Choosing the porch, especially the material for the screen, should be done carefully. The porch is going to be something noticeable from outside. As the result, it has big impact on the look of your house. Make sure the screened in porch you choose has the best material, so it will make the house look even more stunning, instead of making it looks awful.