Two-Sided Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

If we intend to implement a two-sided indoor outdoor fireplace, in addition to the benefit of the fireplace itself, we will also get a cool look because this is one type of fireplace is very popular and become trend among homeowners. Having this type of fireplace will bring the charm of endless luxury homes on the display as a whole. Two sided fireplace is basically a fireplace can be seen from two rooms – essentially a part of the walls that has a see through fireplace. Unfortunately, there are some issues that we can get when it decided to implement this type of fireplace and the following is the list:

gorgeous two sided indoor outdoor fireplace » Two-Sided Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

(1) Not functioning of the damper on the fireplace – as it is known that the absorbers are an important part of the exhaust system on a chimney and when the damper is not functioning properly, then the fire could not pull the oxygen needed or will actually produce too much oxygen. Malfunctioning damper will also make the fire will not burn efficiently. Because this is a common problem that we can get from a two-sided fireplace, then as a precautionary measure we could clean the chimney and the surrounding debris regularly. We should also lubricate the mechanical routine to keep the fireplace damper still function properly as it should.

creative two sided indoor outdoor fireplace » Two-Sided Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

(2) Fireplace odors – the smell that we get from a two sided indoor fireplace outdoor fireplace comes from the rarely cleaned so as to hoard large amounts of soot in the chimney. To get rid of the smell, then make sure we clean the soot from the chimney on a regular basis.

(3) Too much smoke is generated – the smoke generated by the fire of this kind can be very annoying if we discover there are many problems in the fireplace. To avoid this, it’s good for us as homeowners to install glass doors on each side and make sure one of them is closed properly.