Tray Ceiling Lighting Design Ideas

Enhance the beauty of your houseTray ceiling lighting comes in a variety of designs and ways that we can apply. This is one way that will make us get beautiful and elegant atmosphere in the room. It also serves to create the illusion of depth in a room. We will find there are various designs that we can choose to then we apply. If we want to get a soft and subtle lighting in the room, then we can use rope lights.

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Just for information, rope lighting is a flexible tube of small lights strung in a line that can be tucked in behind crown molding to give off light that is ideal for a quiet tray ceiling increase. With the use of rope lights, we will be able to bring a warm glow, character, and enhance the look of the ceiling. We can also apply the recessed lighting to produce a subtle lighting. When we decided to implement recessed lighting, we will get full control in terms of creating the atmosphere of the room in accordance with what we want from a romantic atmosphere with dim light to the bright atmosphere.

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If we want to implement a lighting of tray ceiling with a classical way, then we could hang some lights on the ceiling. Applying chandeliers are a great way to realize that the atmosphere we wanted. There are many choices of design and size of the chandelier that we can choose to consider the style of home decor. We can add a chandelier with a beautiful design that will add charm ceiling. We can also apply a chandelier with antique design to get a traditional look to the room. The next tray ceiling lighting that we can apply is to use the pendant. Applying pendant lighting units will make us get a look that is simple yet dramatic decorations. We can add a pendant design made ​​of metal with an unusual shape that will improve the overall quality of the room and also gives an elegant look.

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