Transparent House Design Plans

Would you mind to have such kind of this house? Currently, the building of transparent house design could we find popping up in various parts of the world. One of the houses that implement transparent design is a house designed by Sou Fujimoto, a radical architect who designed a house with transparent design in a densely populated residential area in Japan. The house has an area of ​​914 square meters and the design makes the house look very stark contrast to the other buildings around it.

When we look at the design of the house, we could say it’s like a house without walls that make its residents unimpeded view in all directions direction. Heights are offered for the design of this house was varied so that we could make an adventure and get explore the house until our heart feel satisfy. The architect is said to be inspired by the tree house and want to make it happen in the form of an unusual home design. Equipped with a large glass on each side of the house, we can clearly see the interior design including items placed in it. It’s like a doll house that is realized in the real world.

beautiful transparent house design » Transparent House Design Plans

When we look at the design of the transparent house offered by Fujimoto more, then the only shortcoming that we will get is privacy. Yup, privacy would be needed in a home because this is where we come home, relax, be ourselves, and perform a variety of activities that we love. When we have a house with a transparent design, it stands to reason we will always be met and argued with everyone who crosses our house – of course it will be very tiring and did not make us feel comfortable even in our own homes.

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The advantage that we can get from the design of this house is that we will get a sleek and modern design. It’s very futuristic and will make us get a house that is cool. If we want to apply the same design, so to give the impression of privacy and security, it is better to apply a variety of curtains or other decorative elements that can make us ‘not seen’ by the people passing by in front of the house. We can also use partitions to create bulkheads that are useful in giving us space for ourselves.

impressive transparent house design » Transparent House Design Plans