The Popular Types of Bathroom Shower Stalls

Bathroom shower stalls are needed when you want to give a separated space in the bathroom to have shower and keep the rest of the bathroom clean and dry. This is the type of bathroom that can only be achieved when the bathroom is large enough. However, people these days are very creative and even when the bathroom is small, they can manage to squeeze a shower stall in it. Read more about the stall for bathroom down below.

Types of Bathroom Shower Stalls

popular bathroom shower stall design » The Popular Types of Bathroom Shower Stalls

If you plan to complete the bathroom at home with a shower stall, make sure you understand everything about it, including the numerous types of bathroom shower stalls. There are quite a lot of types when it comes to the stall. They can all be used easily on a bathroom and surely enhance the aesthetic look of it. Here they are:

  1. Quadrant Shower Stall

Quadrant shower stall is also well-known as corner stall. As the name implies, you can tell that the bathroom shower stalls using this style is going to be placed in the corner of the bathroom. The common location for the stall is usually on the right corner of a bathroom. This is the right type of stall to choose when your bathroom is not so large.

  1. Square Shower Stall

Square is one of the most common shapes of a shower stall. It should be installed on a bathroom that is not too narrow. It has the same dimension on the height, length, and width. It makes the stall looks like a cube and it looks really good to improve the design of the bathroom.

  1. Rectangle Shower Stall

When the size of the bathroom is not an issue for you (it means the bathroom is large), rectangle bathroom shower stalls are perfect there. This type of stall is vast and usually taking up a lot of spaces. However, it has numerous great things to it, including the fact that it can be completed with shower racks as well.

  1. Sliding Shower Stall

The stall is usually completed by door to open and shut. However, in these modern days, people tend to use unique things, including sliding door to a shower stall. This innovation is great, though, because it can save up some spaces, too. The door is eventually easier to open as well.

  1. Glass Shower Stall

When it comes to the material, of course the most common types of material to create shower stall is glass. Glass is sturdy and mold-free. It can be used in damp room like bathroom. Choose glass stall with high level of sturdiness so that it won’t get easily cracked by hot water temperature and by the moist developed in there.

Before building the stall, make sure your bathroom is ready for it. It has to be completed with good plumbing system for the shower as well as some good tiles and wall panels as well. That is why before getting the space bathroom shower stalls, prepare it way in advance. You can start it by understanding the types of it above.