The Most Common Swimming Pool Design and Types to Choose

Deciding which swimming pool design to have at home is something you should never ever take for granted. Making swimming pool is a huge project that costs a lot of money. You do not want to make the decision randomly and then regret the result at the end. Before constructing the swimming pool, learn more about its design and types here.

What are the Best Swimming Pool Design and Types?

affordable swimming pool design » The Most Common Swimming Pool Design and Types to Choose

Basically, there are several types of swimming pool. The swimming pool design can be heavily related to those types as well. For those who have the plan to construct swimming pool at home, here is the full explanation about it for you. It will give you clear information about finding out which design and type of pool matches your house.

  1. Above the Ground Swimming Pool

The most common swimming pool design is the above-the-ground pool. The pool looks stunning and classic because it pops from the ground. This is the type of pool where you can decorate it with sundeck and umbrellas around it. This is perfect for larger sized backyard, though, and not the smaller ones.

  1. In-Ground Swimming Pool

The “regular” type of pool around the world is the in-ground swimming pool. This is the pool that is made by digging up the ground and lining it with tiles to create the pool. The designs here can be vary, starting from the classic one to the one with freeform. It is depending on how much space left around the pool.

  1. Vinyl-Lined Swimming Pool

For those who wish to have a unique swimming pool, they will have to try the vinyl-lined one. This is like the most affordable types of pool because they are easy to made and the material is not expensive. This pool can be decorated effortlessly, too, by placing them near the garden or by the patio.

  1. Fiberglass Swimming Pool

If you plan to add more sophistication to the pool, then the type of pool to choose is the fiberglass one. The swimming pool design looks so advanced because it is crystal clear and looks so stunning. It is the high-end option for modern and contemporary houses these days.

  1. The Poured Concrete Swimming Pool

For the rugged-look swimming pool, go ahead with the poured concrete one. The darker tone of concrete surely creates a rustic look to the pool. Because it looks so old-fashioned, the way to decorate the pool should be related to the vintage, classic, and medieval style. You can use torches or fire pit around the pool to enhance its appearance.

Those are several things you need to know about the types of swimming pool as well as its design. Before deciding which one, take a look at your budget, yard condition, as well as your other preferences. It will prevent you from regretting the result of pool at the end. After all, good swimming pool design will enhance the prettiness of the yard, not making it looks terrible.