Sustainable Building Design Types

Sustainable building design also known as green building design. It is a building that is designed to be more efficient, have positive energy, making people who are in it to stay healthy, and have levels of pollution and waste that are smaller than the other buildings. It could be say that this is one type of construction that is intended for the benefit of all humanity, the planet, and profit. The main objective of sustainable building is to minimize the impact of buildings on the environment by carefully and meticulously consider the various aspects of development ranging from design, how the building will be constructed, how the maintenance of the building, up to how the building is to be demolished (after its useful life). We can implement sustainable in various buildings ranging from private residences to office buildings.

In the sustainable building design, we will get all the comfort that is much more pleasant when compared with other types of buildings.

First, we will get a splash of natural light due to the large maximum ventilation created to accommodate more natural light into the room and warms the entire room.

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Secondly, we will get the air quality that is much better and cleaner when compared to other types of buildings. This is because we can get building was designed with an efficient and effective system to remove various types of mold, dust, and other pollutants that can cause people to become sick.

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Thirdly, we will be free from the influence of harmful chemicals contained in building material or paint is used for implementing various green building materials and paints that will not hurt the people who are inside. On green building design, we will get a variety of materials that are in line with the concept of Go Green and one of them is the use of green lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council U.S. originating from sustainably managed forests well. By using green lumber, then we have to use a renewable resource that can be recycled and can be reused efficiently. This is very different from other types of buildings that cannot be recycled and made ​​pollution when building torn down.

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