Stunning Small Table Lamps Style Choices

In order to set a proper mood across your home or bedroom, it is important to use the right kind and enough lighting. It cannot be true when people say lighting type can make or break the vibes of the room. One of many ways you can optimize the lighting arrangement is by using small table lamps. The warm and pleasant ambient lighting they emit will provide enough illumination for certain activities, such as reading. Here are several types available if you are planning to purchase one.

small table lamp design » Stunning Small Table Lamps Style Choices

Stylish Small Table Lamps Models to Decorate Your Space

  1. Gourd lamps

As the name indicates, this lamp is created to imitate gourd shape. It can be recognized by its bulbous base and curvy pillar. A lot of colorful ceramic lamps are utilizing this kind of shape. You may also find the gourd lamps made from materials like clear, colorful, or mercury glass, even metal.

There are also few style variations of gourd small table lamps, such as the teardrop or droplet models which will fit with modern mid-century interior design. It gives off traditional feelings; while still stay fresh and fun. It’s a perfect object for your visitor to admire on casual gathering at your home.

  1. Candlestick lamps

Candlestick style is also known as the buffet lamps. If you’re looking for something to create elegance look, a candlestick lamp will provide you that. It has tall, slim, and tapered looks, but there are also few more relaxed and informal models that will look good to set in living room or put in couple on dining room buffet.

Depending on the ornament design and the material, these small table lamps can suit various different styles. For instances, a sleek version made from chrome will fit in a modern interior room. Meanwhile, the one with wooden material might fit more in rustic or farmhouse room style.

  1. Tiffany lamps

Named after the famous decoration designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, it is created as replica of leaded glass lamps made by the said name. The main feature in the tiffany lamp is the shade instead of the base.

It is best to incorporate accent light, to use while reading and drinking cup of tea on rainy evening inside warm room. It gives classy impression because it shows that you appreciate antiques decoration.

  1. Pharmacy lamps

Sometimes referred as swing arms small table lamps, the pharmacy style lamp is best to be utilized as task lighting because it is possible to bend and swing the lamp to any direction you wanted it. It is available in various models, colors, and materials, depends to its detail and finishing types.

Pharmacy lamp will suit traditional designed room because of its antique brass. If you choose one with exposed bulb and caged shade will suit industrial style designed space. The balanced mix between the new and old style creates a little edged vibe. The simplicity transforms the room into stylish but practical looking.

Using small table lamps to express your personal style or add the twisted touch to the room is fun. Besides those four types above, there are many more choices you can find in the market.