Stair Handrail Design Trends

You can install handrails for stairs by yourself – When we talk about the handrails for stairs, then we will talk about one of an item that makes many people confused by it. Many people get confuse between the staircase and handrail. Well, handrail or stair rails are items that are drilled into the wall on one side of the ladder and the other side is fastened directly to the same. Many people who think that installing the handrail is a tough job that makes them call professionals to do the job. In fact, we could do a handrail installation by ourselves without having to spend a lot of money, simple, uncomplicated, and certainly will make us have a new experience. Before starting the installation stage, it’s good for us to know and understand some of the terms of the handrail before starting.

modern stair handrail design » Stair Handrail Design Trends

(1) Dowel – this is a round pin that is used to insert the spindle into the ladder;

(2) Spindle – this is a set of rods that support located between the handle and staircase;

(3) Newel post – is the bottom most post or pillar of the handrail;

(4) Stair stringer – is a piece of timber which is used horizontally to support the rails.

simple stair handrail design » Stair Handrail Design Trends

To perform the installation of handrails for stairs, we will need some equipment ranging from drill, bolt, screw the right size, wood glue, spindles, newel posts, and several other supporting equipments. Though we can do it themselves without the assistance of a professional, but it can be a rather tedious process. Therefore, it would be wise for us to ask someone to accompany us as an assistant. Theoretically, we would find that the handrails installation process is very easy. However, in practice, we will find that even though it’s a fairly easy job, this is a job that will take a lot of time and energy. In order for the work to be successful then follow any instructions given in the manual book is the thing we have to do.