Stained Concrete Floor Design Ideas

Stained concrete floors are one of the most inexpensive ways that we can do to protect the concrete floor and make it have a more attractive appearance. To be able to change the look of dull concrete floor and adding features that are more attractive and impressive, then this is the best way that we can do. Here are some steps that we can apply in order to give the look a stain on the concrete floor.

First, specify the color of stain that we want according to what we want. For that, get the color stain color chart for concrete floors and get the color we want. Remember, sometimes we get the results which will be very different from the examples that we see because it is influenced by several factors ranging from stain concentration, application method, the age of the concrete, and others. To note, that the addition of color will strengthen the appearance of stains on the concrete floor, especially if the stain is applied soon after the new concrete cured.

amazing stained concrete floors » Stained Concrete Floor Design Ideas

Secondly, prepare the surface and check if the floor has a layer that can prevent the coloring process. After that, clean up any objects attached to concrete floors. If we want to repair some damaged sections of concrete, then make sure the patches material used containing acrylic material with low shrinkage. Also, make sure that the patch material also can accept the stain. To enhance the coloring process and is able to give a depth of color, then we can use floor buffing machine (with 60, 80, or 100 paper weight). Once the buffer process is completes then washing the surface of the concrete floor with a mixture of detergent and water. Ensure that the floor surface is clean and free from the remnants of staining.

Third, observe the results of staining that we have done and make sure the level of consistency of color that we want. If we are not satisfied with the result, then leave on the floor for several hours before repeating the process of coloring to get the color we want.

marvelous stained concrete floors » Stained Concrete Floor Design Ideas

Step 4, if we feel that the coloring process has been completed then wipe the surface of the concrete floor of all the remnants of chemical reactions. We can scrub stained concrete floors with lye soap that functions to break down stains residue and is able to neutralize the surface. If necessary, use all the cleaning supplies that we have to make the floor surface free of acid remaining. Make sure the floor is completely dry for 2 x 24 hours before we start sealing.

Step 5, apply acrylic to seal the concrete floor surface so that moisture cannot get out of the slab.

stunning stained concrete floors » Stained Concrete Floor Design Ideas