Sliding Patio Door Lock Installation Tips

The patio area will be able to be used as the getaway place for you and the family. Even so, you will need to make sure that the door of the patio is safe and can prevent the other people to intrude the house. That is why you will need to use the patio door lock. For the swinging door, you can just use the regular lock. But for the sliding door, the specialized lock will be needed for this. The installation process will also be different to make sure that the lock is placed correctly.

How to Install the New Sliding Patio Door Lock

Unlike the regular door lock, the sliding patio door lock will not be installed on the door leaf or the frame. Instead, it will be placed on the railing of the door that will keep the door in place. When you buy the lock, you will be able to see that it consists of two pieces, the piece for the door and for the railing. This will be able to keep the house safer at night.

The installation process should be started by opening the door to let you work freely with the metal railing. You may need to make a few holes with the screwdrivers as the place for the lock piece. Be careful when doing this as it will be able to break the railing. Do the same thing with the door pane, but be more careful especially if you are using glass pane as it will easily break.

After both lock pieces are installed and on place, try them out by closing the door pane back. Make sure that the sliding mechanism has not been disturbed by the installation of the sliding door lock. Then, lock the door and see whether it will be strong enough for the door.