Shower Bench Seat Guide to Its Beautiful Material Options

For people with limited mobility, shower bench seat might be a great addition to the bathroom. It provides stability for elder and comfort for physically-debilitated person while showering because they do not need to stand and can be prevented from falls. Not only that, there is reason for the item’s growing demand due to its convenience and luxury benefits: it acts as perch when you’re doing leg shaving or just a cozy spot to sit and be steamed during the shower. Here is a list of few main material options if you’re deciding to get one for your bathroom.

sleek shower bench seat design » Shower Bench Seat Guide to Its Beautiful Material Options

Four Shower Bench Seat Material Choices

  1. Granite and Marble

Both materials are stunning, but they are on the pricier side. They have porous nature, meaning that liquids can be absorbed relatively fast by the materials. Due to this characteristic, granite or marble shower bench seat need to be sealed well.

Despite being sealed, it is worth to remember that sealant wears off by the time, especially in humid and heavy-used place like shower. If you have enough budgets to install and maintain them, they are going to take your bathroom looks to the next level.

  1. Tile

If you have interesting tile pattern wall, then you may want to consider continuing the tile for shower bench seat. It is fairly more affordable if the main tile you used is reasonably priced. Tile is also a great option if you want a floating seat or full shower bench.

Downside is, it is pretty hard to maintain and clean the tile. It is also not an option if you want to have some contrasting texture between the shower seat and the wall.

  1. Teak

Teak is a great option for you who have limited budget. The price is even lower than stone materials. It is suitable for older users because it won’t feel cold when you sit on them. Compared to wood material, it holds up amazingly against high moisture, guaranteeing long durability.

The teak material can be used for customizable shower bench seat like folded up or mobile seat to bring and pick up into the bathroom. It is a big benefit for people with tiny space and looking for multi-functional furniture.  The fairly neutral look will match almost any interior design.

However, there is some disadvantages, which is stains and watermark that may develop on teak. It is also prone to smear and discoloration over time that have to be prevented by oil and sand treatment regularly.

  1. Quartz

Besides three materials mentioned above, there is quartz. Instead of naturally formed, it is a manufactured stone. Because it is made to benefit you, it has non-porous quality so you don’t have to apply sealer on top of it, or have to worry about resealing it later. The low maintenance feature is definitely a big plus. It needs less cleaning work than tile.

With the development in interior designing field, not only the material choices getting diverse, but also the design elements of it. Nowadays, you can find attractive and sleek shower bench seat. It can be a worth investment in the future for its safety feature even if you purchase one now for its looks and relaxation benefits.