Shabby Chic Home Decor with Beautiful Layout and Style

Designers provide alternative for chic style with old touch. It is called shabby chic home decor. In general, this style combines chic and feminine appearance with classic and old furniture. Some people call this idea as vintage chic. One critical aspect is related to color which is mostly pastel and bright tones.

Great Ideas for Shabby Chic Home Decor

vintage shabby chic home decor » Shabby Chic Home Decor with Beautiful Layout and Style

Shabby chic becomes one of popular styles in home decoration. It creates fresh atmosphere with elegant design. Besides, you can add some old stuffs then the room still looks good. More about shabby chic home decor will be explored in the next section.

  1. Vintage furniture

This style focuses on the furniture and detail. You can use sofas and coffee table in living room with several storages. After that, put ornaments with excess pattern. As it mentioned above, the furniture must be old but you can keep the ones that have been in your home for more than five years. Old does not mean to be classic. As long as the furniture is not completely new, this style will show excellent atmosphere.

Vintage furniture is what you should look for. This type of furniture is versatile for shabby chic style. You can start from the classic chair with pastel color. For bedroom, try to avoid the latest bed frame but replace it with the bed with vintage design from decades ago. You may see your parent’s photo and put furniture that’s worth to consider.

  1. Pastel and feminine color

The most important part in shabby chic home decor is color. You can tell this room uses shabby chic decor from the way the owner puts the painting. Most colors will be bright, plain, feminine, and pastel. You can start from smooth pink that looks bright but not too much girly. Keep in mind the room only uses one single palette as the basic. The rest of color should be at ornaments or patterns.

Besides bright color, shabby chic style is also compatible for cold and slightly dark tone. In this case, you need to be careful when choosing dark color. The room has to be bright enough and fresh. The best option is smooth grey that’s compatible with almost shabby chic decoration. As similar to the bright tone, dark color must be the only majority and the rest of colors only for complimentary.

  1. Room space and arrangement

Shabby chic home decor is suitable for several rooms, such as lounge, living room, and bedroom. Besides, you may arrange this style for family room. The room space is critical when you plan to implement this style. If it is too small, you may end up adding excess color and furniture. Keep in mind the shabby chic will look crowded due to more patterns. In that case, you can reduce furniture and focus on more colors. On contrary, less furniture makes this style look like minimalist. To accommodate this issue, you can arrange the furniture equally including color management.

From what have been explained above, you now understand the things related to shabby chic home decor. Shabby chic is good style for decoration as long as you understand how to implement the details properly.