Self Watering Planter Design Ideas

If we intend to implement a self-watering planter, then we had the opportunity to implement a convenient option for both sides is good for plants and also for ourselves, especially when we’re away from home.

Then, how to make this system work at home that we have? Well, here are some simple steps that we can apply in order to make a self-watering.


creative self watering planter » Self Watering Planter Design Ideas

(1) Set of two pots of different sizes and give a distance (1-2 inches) between the two pots. Anyway, the pot can be made from various materials ranging from plastic to ceramics. However, if we decide to implement this system outdoors, then make sure the plant pots do not have holes and are not porous.

(2) Put two pots with cutting edge epoxy syringe, and remove the lid of the plunger. After that, apply a thick epoxy gel size on the outside of the pot is small. Make sure we gel coat on the inside of the large pot.

(3) Place a small pot into a large pot and press down firmly in order to seal them. Wait until 1×24 hours and make sure we do not move both of the pots.

(4) After the epoxy gel dried with a perfect, perform the checks at the drainage holes. Make sure the hole has been completely installed so that there is no leakage. When we find a leak, then we should do the coating once again.

clever self watering planter » Self Watering Planter Design Ideas

(5) Enter the soil, fertilizer, and other components into the inner pot. Do not forget to include our favorite seeds or plants. After that, water the pot and make sure we flush the gaps that exist between the two pots. The water supply that we flush will seep in through the porous material, and this will be a supply of water that will irrigate the plants continuously. In order self-watering planters that we apply more attractive and can improve the look of the house, then add some personal touch and see how it looks will make our homes WOW.

practical self watering planter » Self Watering Planter Design Ideas