Seaside Villa Design Plans

This article describes about two example of seaside villa architectural design from two different countries namely Japan and Turkey that can make us wide perspective about designs. The point that we can get from Japan designs is how to optimize design for seaside villa with lots of openings to bring in the beautiful scenery. And the point that we can get from Turkey designs is how to bring harmonious atmosphere using some building materials.

There is a wide choice of seaside villas architectural design that we can get, and here are two examples of the design of two different countries, namely Japan and Turkey. Feel curious? Well, let’s learn together both these designs. The first is a Japanese style. Today, the popularity of Asian style, especially Japan and China has increased significantly because it looks simple but eye catching. For a seaside villa design, we will see a building with a concrete structure adopting an incredible modern style. There are many openings of glass from floor to ceiling that we will get to the building with a wooden deck. Existing openings meant that we could get an amazing panoramic view of the outdoors depicting a sunset at sea which would definitely fascinate anyone. We can watch the scenery through every room there freely.

On the inside of the building, we will find a warm and inviting interior. Overall building floor is made of wood so that if there is no boundary between indoor and outdoor. The use of wood as a natural material is synonymous with Asian design concepts that like to incorporate a variety of natural elements such as wood, stone, until the water element. Then, how the furniture is chosen to be applied to the room? Well, adopting Japanese-style design will not make us need a lot of furniture so that we will find the space airy and spacious inclined. As for the lighting applied to the building, we will find the implementing some type of lighting that produces a contemporary look and feel charming.

As for the seaside villa architectural design by adopting the style of Turkey, we will find a beach villa which use different types of elemental rich materials ranging from the use of several types of wood such as teak, suar, and tamarind, to the use of several kinds of metals such as bronze and copper are combined to produce a dynamic contrast display with various other elements. We will also find various mixtures of colors, geometric patterns, and fabrics that are applied to the interior of the room that in fact able to produce a charming look.