Scandinavian Interior Design Styles

When we talk about Scandinavian interior design, then we will talk about a beautiful interior design that is a blend of several styles of several countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark were breathtaking. The combination of some of these styles then generates an interior style chosen many homeowners because it offers lasting beauty. As a country that does not get a lot of sun-light, we will get the interior design that incorporates a number of lights into the room so the room will be bright and fun. Moreover, the impression of airy and spacious room also we will get when we look at the design of this style. And the hallmark of Scandinavian design style is stylish yet casual look by incorporating a number of color combinations that are quite interesting as various shades of pastel and neutral colors.

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Here are some of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design we need to know.

(1) Furniture – we will find the legs of furniture with a sleek design and tapered. In addition there are a number of applied carvings on the furniture so that we will feel the impression of a classic that is strong enough. The material is often used for furniture in this style is a good quality wood with a sleek design. For added comfort anyone, usually on top of the furniture we will get a soft cushion.

(2) Floor – Scandinavian interior style chosen to implement the wooden floor in order to give a more natural and environmentally friendlier.

(3) Lighting – lighting becomes one of the important features in the Scandinavian style and usually we will find there are a lot of lights like chandeliers which are applied in the room.

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In addition, to give the impression of spacious and airy, we will also find a mirror of various sizes and designs. Many homeowners from around the world are trying to implement a Scandinavian interior design because they are attracted by the look casual yet stylish enough it has. This is one reason a lot of people with interest in Scandinavian style. In addition to some of the above characteristics, we also find the use of rugs, wreaths, or candles are chosen as elements of decor that complements the appearance of a room.

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