Rooftop Garden Design Ideas for Your Home

For most people, rooftop home garden is not a new thing. Many roofs of houses decades ago were used as a place for gardening. Maximizing every vacant place as green land has become a popular thing done by the majority of people who enjoy gardening. There are several good reasons that we can consider if we decided to have a rooftop garden and here are some of them:

creative rooftop home garden » Rooftop Garden Design Ideas for Your Home

(1) Rooftop gardening is tantamount to utilize the unused space as a space that produces.

(2) Its presence can add to the beautiful appearance of a house as a whole.

(3) Its presence is capable of providing more privacy for the owner than the garden behind the house or other place.

(4) Existence is said to be something that is environmentally friendly and supports the Go Green program.

(5) Roof gardens can get enough direct sunlight unobstructed.

inspiring rooftop home garden » Rooftop Garden Design Ideas for Your Home

When we decided to have a rooftop home garden, then the easiest way to start is to use multiple containers and raised beds. We can create several styles of roof gardens using plants growing in containers ranging from flowers to plant various vegetables. Make sure the container that we choose has a light weight, flexible, and can be moved easily. Do not forget also to choose some containers at an affordable price. Anyway, before we start gardening project on the roof of the house, make sure the roof is sturdy and strong to withstand the weight because as we all know that over time, the garden is definitely developing as well as plants grown up in it more. It certainly would require very strong roof strength to withstand the weight of existing. So that we are not confronted by feelings of doubt in the power house roof, then rent a licensed expert to check the roof. Some other things that we must consider are to provide access to adequate watering to give the fence so that the pet does not wind or damage our crops.

beautiful rooftop home garden » Rooftop Garden Design Ideas for Your Home

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