Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Table that will Make You Attracted to Have the Furniture

Wood is strong and durable material. Moreover, it has nice natural colors and textures. These points always make people love to see wooden furniture. In term of material, actually various woods are available to choose, and each of them has different characteristics. Among those woods, reclaimed woods are the favorite choice. Although people may see this as second options, reclaimed wood cocktail table in good quality is still possible to find.

Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Table with Nice Design

vintage reclaimed wood cocktail table » Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Table that will Make You Attracted to Have the Furniture

Reclaimed woods may be considered as lower quality when it is compared to natural woods. However, now people are so creative to make reclaimed woods into various great materials. Related to this, it is worth to see good references of cocktail tables made of reclaimed woods.

  1. Cocktail table with drawers

The first reference of reclaimed wood cocktail table has the great design. As its name, the cocktail table is quite different from common tables since it provides drawers as the additional storages. For cocktail tables, it surely shows nice idea.

However, the drawers are not the only interesting things to find. Related to design, the legs of table look artistic. The legs are actually made of irons. These are not regular shapes of table legs since there are six legs, and each of them are connected each other.

The wooden material itself is left without painting. The texture of reclaimed wood and darkened tone of wood are the nice things to show the boldness.

  1. Barnwood cocktail table

The next reclaimed wood cocktail table is made of barnwood. This look simple, but it shows the rustic design. This is perfect for you who love to have recycled stuffs at home.

In term of design, there is nothing special about the table. This is made of barnwood. It is like a used wooden box which is cut into halves to make the table. It does not get special treatment in term of paint, and its maker seems want to show the natural look of reclaimed wood.

However, the surface of table already gets treatment. It makes the surface look good and soft. Moreover, the joints of woods are repaired and strengthened, so it becomes sturdier even if it is only for cocktail table.

  1. Round reclaimed wood cocktail table

When talking about cocktail or coffee table, people commonly will associate it with the shape of square. In fact, it is not the only shape to choose since the round table is also good option to have.

In this case, there is nice reference of reclaimed wood cocktail table. It is fully made of industrial reclaimed wood. The whole parts of table are made of woods, so it gets to metal materials for frame.

The shape is quite simple. It is like having two round woods which are connected by some woods that later become the legs of table. There are four legs that have darkened tone, so it looks sturdy and bold.

All of these cocktail tables are made of reclaimed or used woods. However, each of them shows the good design that looks perfect for cocktail or even coffee table. Those kinds of reclaimed wood cocktail table will surely become the nice part of home decoration.