Privacy Screen Design Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor privacy screen as the name suggests has a primary function as a conduit of privacy for homeowners and also used as a flavoring comfortable being outdoors. Another function of the outdoor screen is to provide aesthetic value to the overall look of the house. We can be positioned wherever desired outdoor screen in accordance with needs ranging from the patio, near the pool, to the park.

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There are two types of outdoor screen material that can be found in the market in various designs, styles, and sizes of screens are made ​​of non-living substance and the substance of living. For the types of materials made from non-living substance, we can get trellis, fencing, fretwork, wall, and others. Many homeowners are choosing to implement trellis or fence because it is considered more durable, easy in terms of installation, has a wonderful selection of various designs, and is able to cover a larger area. Weakness apply trellis is the level of privacy offered fairly low because the design is not sufficiently tight to provide higher privacy. But do not worry because we can take advantage of various types of plants such as vines and other plants to produce a privacy we wanted.

wonderful outdoor privacy screen » Privacy Screen Design Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

As for the substance of living from outdoor privacy screen, we can choose to apply different kinds of plants such as hedges, bamboo, trees, up to shrubs. It will make us get two values ​​at once – functional and aesthetic. Functional because the plants that we use are able to work well as an outdoor screen and provide the privacy we wanted. Aesthetics because the plants we use will give the greener look, more environmentally friendly, more beautiful, and certainly able to enhance the overall look of the house. When we decided to implement certain plants such as shrubs or vines, then we will take some time for the screen to make it useful in giving us the privacy we wanted. If we want results relatively quickly, then we can use bamboo to give us the desired privacy.

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