Popular Minimalist Interior Design Principles

Minimalist interior design is one design that upholds the principle of simplicity. To note, this is one style that began in 1960 by an architect named Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who want a display that is capable of making anyone who implement them escape from the chaos and in the end were able to present a neat appearance, organized, and functional leaving no aesthetic value.

Yup, it is very popular minimalist style chosen by many homeowners because the zoom is able to make us free from the word ‘messy’ forever. Do not believe? Well, let’s examine one by one the things that must be considered when planning to implement a minimalist style. The first – as well as modern style that carries a wide range of design geometry, so is the case with a minimalist style. We will apply some simple geometric shapes into the room to give a harmonious look. The key to success in order to look more WOW room becomes visible when implementing various forms of geometry is how we put the right portion of the room so as not to cause too much atmosphere.

The second – apply a color that can support the minimalist look is important that we must pay attention to the next. As is known, the color is one of the decorative elements that can unite other decorative elements in the room. We can apply a variety of neutral colors such as white, black or gray on the walls of the room up to the ceiling. After that, make it contrast by applying primary colors to get the look more charming. The third – use different types of materials that support the minimalist interior design look like steel to concrete. In addition, we also can use glass, plastic, wood, metal, up to composite materials to create an interior design to be more appealing.

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