POP Ceiling Design Ideas for Bedroom Interiors

Can be molded into any design we want – Talking about POP ceiling design for bedroom interiors, then we will talk about the growing popularity of POP that are widely applied in various types of buildings ranging from residential, offices, hotels, hospitals, up to malls and restaurants. POP ceiling or stands for Plaster of Paris is one of the building items that have a high degree of flexibility so that it can be easily molded into any design we want. By using POP ceiling, then we have the opportunity to create a design that is beautiful ceiling suit the tastes of each one of us. POP ceiling can be applied in any room from the living room, kitchen, to the bedroom with a wide selection of designs and styles ranging from classic to modern. POP ceiling easily painted, soft, and at the same time can give us the desired texture on the ceiling. Occurrences POP ceiling allows us to create an atmosphere that is luxurious ceiling that was once only owned by the nobles and rich people. By using POP ceiling, we can change the look of a plain ceiling into the ceiling with a more interesting design element and attractive.

Here are some of the advantages that we can get by using the POP ceiling design for bedroom or other rooms:

(1) POP ceiling is able to produce results that are smooth and matte finish on the interior ceiling;

(2) POP ceiling can be painted and textured to give the appearance according to what we want;

(3) POP ceiling can be molded and formed into any shape or design that we want;

(4) If we want to get a classic interior on the bedroom ceiling, then we can use the POP medallions;

(5) POP ceiling comes with a variety of design options that can be used to highlight ceiling light fixtures;

(6) POP ceiling can be combined with other materials (glass or wood) to give the appearance of a composite ceiling.