Paver Walkway Design that You Can Try on Your Own

Walkway has the function to keep your path in the right direction when directed to certain place. In exterior and landscape decoration, paver walkway is useful to support the area where you do not have to worry about soil and water. The car, bike, or anything can pass easily right in front your house. To create excellent result, you should try paver walkway design with many variations.

simple paver walkway model » Paver Walkway Design that You Can Try on Your Own

The Best Ideas for Paver Walkway Design

  1. Concrete

The most common paver walkway design is concrete. It is easy to put in any soil and garden if you have enough space. For the design, you have few choices that are reliable for any exterior decoration. If you are first timer in paving activity, try full concrete mode for entire walkway. Additional design is to separate one concrete section and another like stepping store.

  1. Brick and tile

Another idea that’s common for paver walkway is brick or tile. You can use one or both materials to create elegant paver. Brick itself is capable to adjust with tons of configuration. You can start with simple line straight up from one side to another. For advanced pattern, try something complex to mix between brick and tile simultaneously.

  1. Stepping stone

Stepping-stone creates nature atmosphere in front and back yards. Just prepare wide stones with plain surface. Add those stones one by one with certain gap each other. When you walk from one side to another, each stone is for one-step.

  1. Stepping wood

Wood is good material for paver walkway design. For installation style, steeping mode is preferable due to high durability if the traffic that walks through this paver is high. You can cut wooden in plain rectangle then lay side by side with tiny gaps. One layer is enough for one-step, and you can install alongside the stones at left and right sides to hold wooden integrity.

  1. Pebble

Pebble has been known as versatile material for paving. The function and capability are similar to brick tiles. You can decorate paver with any idea. Moreover, pebble is good as combination alongside concrete, stones, and brick. For starter, simple pebble design will put the entire paver walkway with random pebbles. You just need to press and firm the pebble configuration to be strong.

  1. Bamboo and cork

You like renewable material for paver walkway design. The right choice is bamboo or cork. Both are capable to create real nature in your yard. In fact, bamboo is common material in village for emergency pathway when natural disaster happens. Before using bamboo, you need to adjust garden design to look as natural as possible. Cork is solid bark from big tree that looks similar to wooden. It is useful to be foundation before adding bamboo at the top section.

Moreover, you may try something that’s completely common but many people think irrelevant. Solid grass is also capable to be paver walkway design as long as you succeeded to make its material as firm as possible.