Patio Screen Door Design Ideas

Even though the see through door with the glass pane is really suitable for the patio area, there are some people that will worry about the safety of the house. Therefore, the usage of the patio screen door will be useful for this. This kind of door will be able to give extra protection for the house. Not only that it will prevent the intruder to get in, but it will also prevent the wind and the snow to break the glass when the winter hits. Here are the steps on how you can install it.

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How to Install the Patio Screen Door

The project of installing the patio screen door should be started by choosing the style and the material for the door. Usually, the house with the traditional and classic style will use the vintage door with the wooden material. Or if you want something modern, you can just pick the one that has the more minimalist style for the door. But make sure that it will be able to be combined with the whole theme of the house.

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After getting the type of the patio screen door that you want, you can start installing it by placing the door handgrip on the outer side of the door frame. You can use the help of the screwdriver to do this easily. Then, you can install the door piece on the grip and test it to measure the strength. If you use two door pieces for the screen door, make sure that you place the handgrip at both sides of the door frame.

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Usually, the age of the door piece will be a lot longer that the handgrip. Therefore, you will not need to buy the new patio screen door if the grips are broken. Also, make sure that you hire someone to put the locks on the screen door.

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