Parquet Flooring Tiles and Some Ideas of Parquet Patterns

In the old days, there are many kinds of flooring to choose. Mansions, palaces, and other big houses had great designs and patterns for their flooring. Well, parquet flooring is one of types of flooring to choose. It gives artistic look that always make the room both comfortable and attractive. In fact, it is not only found in the old days, but these can also be good to apply in modern house. That is why there are some parquet flooring tiles and the tiles can bring you the great beauty of art.

Some Patterns of Parquet Flooring Tiles

At that time, the parquet flooring was originally made from the wood. Scraps of wood are arranged to become flooring and these took long time and the installation never became easy. That is why the method and concept are developed then there are parquet tiles. These still keep the design and pattern, but it comes with easier installation due to the tile characteristic.

parquet flooring material » Parquet Flooring Tiles and Some Ideas of Parquet Patterns

In case you are interested to bring the beauty of old days, these are some ideas of pattern.

  1. Stripes parquet files

It is true that you can find various parquet design. However, most of them are made in a form of pattern. Various patterns can be found and the stripes are popular option to choose. It will work well in your room decoration.

Although these use tiles, the tiles have great pattern of wood. In this case, the pattern of parquet flooring tiles uses three stripes in each tile. The interesting thing is that these three patterns come in different gradient. That is why it looks like using different wood scraps or wood planks for the flooring.

Moreover, the gradients or color shades are made random. These give natural look of wooden colors and texture, although these are actually tiles. Surely, these become such kind of great beauty.

Once the tiles are arranged, they create a pattern of basket weave. The three stripes are like being woven on the floor. These offer good details on the floor design. Then, its warm tone of wood color cannot be ignored. Surely, it is nice idea of parquet flooring tiles.

  1. Diamond parquet tiles

Then, the other good and simple pattern is the diamond pattern. It is also poplar to choose. Those who do not like the stripes and woven pattern can choose the diamond tiles. As its name, it brings the picture of pattern of diamonds on the floor.

In the case of parquet flooring tiles in diamond patterns, there are actually various kinds of diamond details. In term of colors, there are diamonds with lighter tone or darker tone. Of course, there are also patterns that use the random shades. However, the diamonds still can be seen since there are lines to create the pattern.

The pattern of diamond itself can also be different. Some pattern gives look of simple diamond. There are also some diamond patterns with additional parts and these complexities gives good look for the home flooring decoration.

These two patterns of parquet tiles can be chosen when you want to have wooden style of flooring with easier installation. Each of the patterns looks great and it is more about the personal preference. Of course, there are still other patterns and the sizes can be various. Surely, the parquet flooring tiles become good option to bring the great beauty into your home.