Landscape Architecture Design References

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Landscape architecture is a profession that makes a person’s work and or modifies set of features from a wide variety of landscapes for the intended purpose – either for aesthetic purposes or for practical purposes. It is a distinct

Great Selection of 3D Wall Panels

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If we want to display something different on the walls of our homes then apply 3D wall panels will be a very clever solution. As we all know, the wall is one of the decorative elements that we must

Cosmopolitan Apartment Design Plans

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Bring such of luxuries and lifestyle we want – When we talk about cosmopolitan apartment, then we will talk about a luxury building, modern design, consisting of several floors, equipped with various facilities that support, has hundreds of rooms,

Transparent House Design Plans

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Would you mind to have such kind of this house? Currently, the building of transparent house design could we find popping up in various parts of the world. One of the houses that implement transparent design is a house

Garden Pavilion Design Plans

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If we want to enjoy the beauty of the garden without having to be exposed to sunlight, exposed to rain shower, and a comfortable, then we can apply the garden pavilion. It is a place that is where we

Thermal Energy Storage System Advantages

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The use of thermal energy storage system on a variety of building types combined with space heating and space cooling has recently gained much attention. We will find there are a lot of thermal energy storage techniques that have

Indoor Bicycle Storage Design Ideas

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If we want to implement indoor bicycle storage, but we have limited space, so do not feel worried. If we store the bike indoors, then there are some advantages that we can get. One of the advantages we can

Modern Residence Interior Design Ideas

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When we talk about modern residence interior, then we’ll talk about how to bring a latest style of home décor properly. As we know that the fundamental factor that we must have in modern design is that function precedence

Apartment Entryway Design Ideas

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If we decide to give an apartment entryway design that can enhance the look of the apartment as a whole become more charming and attractive, then there are several ways that we can apply. Anyway, before it needs to

White Apartment Decorating Themes

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When we decided to apply the white apartment decor, then we will get the impression of a wider space, a large, airy, and clean. Applying style décor by using white color will be very useful in opening up room