Outdoor Patio Sofa Material Options Based on Its Advantages

Having a set of outdoor patio sofa can improve the look of your garden or outside space. It is great to use for entertaining purposes of family members, friends, or just your guests. However, as the sofa will be placed outside, you have to choose the material carefully.

There might be not many choices for the cushion, but there are various frame materials options to choose. Whether it is from the durability, maintenance or appearance, each has its own benefits. Here are few common outdoor seat and sofa materials to choose from.

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The Best Outdoor Patio Sofa Material Types

  1. Resin wicker

Also commonly referred as all-weather wicker, this material has high durability and weather resistance nature. It stands strong against sunlight, rain, and humidity. Resin wicker is basically a weave of synthetic fiber wrapped on metal frame made from thin strands of nylon, PVC, and high dense polyethylene. This outdoor patio sofa material gives off cozy, homey, and welcoming feelings.

  1. Recycle plastic

Recycled plastic is the top, if not near the top, material both for its style and performance. It received many praises due to its long durability, strong quality, and environmentally friendly nature. It is a matching contender for wicker materials in terms of resistance, because it can resist to moisture, cracking, rotting, and also salt waterproof and unstainable. Because the color is ingrained in the material, it also resists well from fading. The benefits from using recycle plastic is similar to wood, but with lower maintenance requirement.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is a popular material used for outdoor patio sofa as well. Even everyone’s favorite resin wicker is usually woven over the aluminum. Compared to other steel or metals, aluminum is easy to store, move, and rearrange because its strong yet lightweight nature. One of the most lightweight aluminum types is the tubular aluminum. Other types like cast or wrought aluminum are heavy but beneficial to survive various weather conditions and strong wind.

  1. Wood

There are various kinds of wood materials and every one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages because they are not created equal. But there is a general and similar benefit which applied to all outdoor wood furniture which is the timeless appeal by its natural elegance and beauty. For extraordinary performance and durability, choose hardwood types like teak or shorea, while if you are looking for weather resistance quality, choose softer woods such as fir, cedar or pine.

  1. Steel

While it is heavier than aluminum, steel is definitely lighter than other metals like wrought iron. It offers stability, endurance, and strength against extreme weather and temperatures. To add rust resistance benefit, it usually coated by powder. Steel is used for more luxurious outdoor patio sofa design setting such as bistro style, zero gravity loungers, high end modern chairs, or retro design.

By using stylish and durable material for your outdoor patio sofa, you can make the most out of the exterior space design. Always remember both natural and artificial materials require the regular maintenance in order to last longer.