Outdoor Patio Lighting Inspirations to Glow Up Your Space

With the incoming warmer weather, it means more time outside, especially on the night time. A lot of fun activities such as garden parties, barbecues, or get-togethers, can be done even when it’s dark outside with the help of outdoor patio lighting as the source of light after the sun has set down.

The outside lighting is essential to create welcoming, inviting, and cozy atmosphere on your garden, rooftop, or open balconies. Here are few ideas to illuminate and make your exterior space glow beautifully at night.

6 Creative Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

  1. Lantern

Lantern is a great source of outdoor patio lighting because they are available in wide range of models, easy to move, and can light up the mood. Besides, it is a perfect piece to add decorative touch to your outside space. There are two types of lantern, the one that use candles or LED lights.

  1. String lights

String lights are the affordable and easy solution to the darkness problem in your garden or backyard. It can be set just by simply plug the lights and string them up. It creates cozy night’s vibes and gives off café lights styling by quickly increase the ambiance feeling to the outdoor space. The lights glow softly overhead, has the ability to transform any ordinary patio into stunning party spot for you to host guests and beam up the walkway by its delicate luminescence.

  1. Hidden LED lamps

To achieve minimalist looks of your outdoor patio lighting make it more modern, use hidden lamps. Simply place LED light strips on the stair’s base or under the furniture on your garden and backyard. The trick can transform the place into area that can be enjoyed all night.

  1. Orbs & Spheres

They are also known as garden orbs, garden balls, gazing balls, and globes. The orbs and spheres can add decorative and aesthetic value to your patio, garden, and backyard by their ethereal look. They can be set one by one or clustered in group, to create a mystical feeling and set a stunning little oasis.

  1. Lamps on planters

If you have a lot of potted greeneries inside the planters in your garden, you can pull them as light sources as well. The lamps on planters will blend to add elements that capture authentic and natural form. Whether it is a massive hedge or just few potted flowers, these planters will do their jobs to radiance the space. The fluidity and beauty will match well especially with water features like pool or fountain.

  1. Pendant lights

The outdoor pendants lights, if chosen and placed correctly, can be a great addition to the space such as outdoor party areas or backyard dining area. The overhang pendant lighting gives direct and concentrated illumination to the seating area, to shed some glow on the mealtime conversation and carry festivities vibe until late into the night.

Whether you use outdoor patio lighting only to light up your space or to add decorative attraction, there is always a fixture to suit your personal style and taste. It will make nice, eye-catching, and fun impression to anyone who visits your patio at night.

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