Outdoor Kitchen Islands Styles to Use as Inspiration

What’s more fun to do in the warmer time than outdoor entertainment? Whether it is a summer party or intimate dinner with family members, outdoor kitchen islands are the delight addition to add to your backyard. It gives you more storage and flexibility to use on various cooking related activities. There are plenty island design options to suit with any budget, needs, space size, and wanted shapes. Here are several styles you might want to use as choices.

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6 Great Outdoor Kitchen Islands Ideas

  1. Deck Kitchen

If you have deck, the kitchen can be installed right on it. It is an ideal place to entertain the guest and a great way to transform the look of the deck. You can pick outdoor kitchen islands various materials or configuration. It is also possible to add grill, refrigerator, and sink models according to your liking.

  1. The kitchenette

Any plain backyard or patio place can be turned to amazing mini kitchenette with some efforts. It might be a project that needs more than a little bit of time but it is worth because you’d have more space than ordinary outdoor kitchen islands. It can provide so many cabinets as storage space, even a bar for seating space and enjoying summer night outside for dinner.

  1. Repurposed island

It doesn’t have to be pricey to build a patio kitchen. It is highly possible to build ideal and beautiful island just by a grill and several old bricks, stones, and leftover wood materials. Use your creativity to install this affordable outdoor space with entirely repurposed materials. When it’s done, slide some on budget decorative addition like string light and colorful fabrics for a lovely kitchen looks.

  1. Simple grilling island

For you who have limited outdoor or small patio, then tiny grilling island would be suitable. You can DIY it over the weekend or less, because it is so easy to build. Basically, you will only need a grill and several cabinets to surround it as storage space. The cabinets are enough to give plenty extra space to store the essential outdoor cooking utensils.

  1. Tiled kitchen

To cover worn out and poor looking wood on your old outdoor kitchen islands, you can use stunning tile material. The wide variety of tile’s colors and patterns will create a versatile look. Not to mention, it is quite affordable and easy to maintain if you do it regularly. Incorporate other material like stainless steel then cover it with tile if you build it from scratch.

  1. Pergola topped kitchen

Having a basic looking patio kitchen and want to spice it up? Install a beautiful pergola overhead as a focal point of your backyard decoration. If you’re not using professional help to build it, it may take a week or more to set, but it is not a difficult project by all means. Pergola will create laid back, relaxing Caribbean feeling on your exterior design.

Whether you are planning to just remodel your current outdoor kitchen islands or build it from zero, there are many style and design to choose. Some have more complex design, but there plenty more that have simple and easy scheme that is possible to set on your own in a relatively short time.