Natural Ventilation System Design Ideas

Bring natural ventilation with considering your home design and wind directionNatural ventilation is one of the important components that need our attention when we are designing or constructing a building. It is part of a passive system design which is intended to provide comfort to the occupants including thermal comfort and a healthy environment by considering such things as the use of sustainable natural resources that are applied in any existing space. Basically these vents will greatly depend on the pressure difference be held to provide an injection of fresh air into a building. This pressure difference can be produced from a variety of things including that owned by the warmth of summer and mild winter winds.

exciting natural ventilation design » Natural Ventilation System Design Ideas

To create a good natural ventilation, then there are some things we need to consider the following:

(1) Climate (external air temperature and humidity ranges owned);

(2) The range of thermal comfort temperature;

(3) Wind direction;

(4) The use of the building and occupancy levels;

(5) A variety of adverse effects that can be caused by various types of pollution;

(6) The form of the existing landscape and building environments. All the above considerations will enable us to get an idea of ​​the orientation and building relationship, floor plate depths owned, planned the layout of the building, and the envelope design (the location of supply and exhaust openings).

brilliant natural ventilation design » Natural Ventilation System Design Ideas

And then, what the advantages would we get by applying this type of ventilation? Well, there are three advantages that we can get by applying this type of ventilation and the following is the list for you to know:

(1) We’re going to get a healthy indoor environment and natural;

(2) We will not require a high cost in terms of maintenance or take care; and

(3) The costs will we spend to implement this type of ventilation is lower – as well as for its operational costs.

clever natural ventilation design » Natural Ventilation System Design Ideas