Modern Residence Interior Design Ideas

When we talk about modern residence interior, then we’ll talk about how to bring a latest style of home décor properly. As we know that the fundamental factor that we must have in modern design is that function precedence over form. Clean design with straight lines and sleek is the hallmark of the modern style. It could be say this is a style that is simple and does not need the hassle. To produce a modern interior design at our house, we cannot just depend on the application of design furniture that is straight, clean, or slim only, but we will need the cooperation of all the decor elements that exist in a home, including floors, ceilings, walls, and various elements other decorations.

To bring modern residence interior, there are some things that we can apply.

The first is choosing the right color – we can choose to apply neutral colors to open up the existing space, creating the impression of airy and spacious in the room, and gave the impression that clean to the room as a whole. In order for home interior feels more fun, try to play using a combination of two colors such as black and white to produce a flavor that strengthens modern style to the room.

The second is to choose the right type of flooring – we can choose to apply a floor made ​​of natural materials such as bamboo or wood that will give us the impression of a modern, warm, and natural. Apply an open floor plan to get an impression of more space and try to use the applications of glass walls to create the illusion of space.

The third is to choose the right furniture – we can choose to apply the right pieces of furniture. Anyway, make sure we do not put too much incorporates modern elements in the room because it will change to the interior of the house into different styles, chaotic, and not consistent.