Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs for Urban Living Area

Having a pool is the dream of many house owners out there. It would be a nice place to lounge around and relaxing, especially after hectic day at work. Nowadays, people opt to have minimalist swimming pool. Such swimming pool tends to demand less space, which is perfect for those who live in small house. It is also relatively cheaper to realize. Let’s take a look at some designs of pool below.

beautiful minimalist swimming pools » Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs for Urban Living Area

Great Swimming Pool Designs That Look Minimalist and Modern

  1. Small Square Pool Lounge

If you only have small square space at the side of your house, you can employ this design. The pool is really small that its size is similar to the French-style window located above it. Marble flooring surrounds the pool. You can sit down on the floor and soak your feet inside the pool.

It is a nice and comforting space to be. In order to make it having Zen-vibe, you can add some plants around the area. As an example, this space has small palm tree on the side. It is advised against adding gigantic plant since it would block sunlight.

  1. Garden Pool Design

Do you have an underutilized space in your garden? You can use this minimalist swimming pool design to complete your garden. This pool has simple rectangular shape. On one side, the ground is slightly elevated and used as seating area.

Homeowner can do laps while surrounded by their beautiful plants. The flooring used around the pool has rustic vibe to match the entire feeling of serenity that this pool can offer. You can place an inflatable bed by the side of pool to soak in some warm sunshine.

  1. Backyard Pool Patio Combo

Socializing is a must for many people. If so, you will like this minimalist swimming pool. Its function is combined with backyard patio that has outdoor grill and dining space. You will be able to host backyard party in this space.

The pool itself has rectangular shape. It is shaded by tree so swimmer will not get blindsided by sunlight when swimming. There is a sitting area on the side where people can mingle with their drinks and sunbathe. The pool’s floor is designed to make the water’s color look aqua (which is mirrored by pillows on the seat).

  1. Rustic Spanish Style Design

Those who fancy rustic yet simple architectural design would be interested in this minimalist swimming pool. It is designed for socializing. As you can see the rectangular shaped pool has seating inside the pool. You can chat with family and friends while sipping on cool drinks during summer in the pool.

The floor around this pool has rustic and aged finishing. Its lighting is made dim with no sunlight hitting the pool directly. Overall, it has retro vibe. There are two retro style chairs placed on the pool side. Sheer fabrics are also arranged on the doors that lead to this pool.

These minimalist swimming pool designs are easy enough to realize. You do not even have to provide plenty of space just to make it comes true. Hopefully you will take them into consideration when designing this heavenly space in your home.