Minimalist Studio Apartment Design Plans

Implementing studio apartment design is not an easy task because there are many things that we must consider in order to provide a better view. As we know, the apartment has a size that is small enough compared to the size of a standard house and this will make us need to consider several things so that the condition of a minimalist studio apartment feel more spacious, airy, and comfortable. Having a proper plan design will be a ‘weapon’ is powerful for us to be able to produce a studio apartment which has both functionality and aesthetics.

studio apartment room interior design » Minimalist Studio Apartment Design Plans

Here are a few things we need to consider when applying design for a studio apartment.

(1) Furniture – make sure we do not apply the amount of furniture in that size will only make the room feel full. Choose furniture with customized size with the availability of the room with a sleek and clean design that will not look full or crowded. Create more floor space by incorporating furniture that does have the functionality and instead acts as a display that only make us spend more floor space. It would be good also if we choose to apply the furniture that offers dual functionality which also acts as a storage area. The other thing we need to consider is to do the arrangement of furniture so the room still looks neat and organized.

studio apartment room divider design » Minimalist Studio Apartment Design Plans

(2) Applying dividers – dividers will serve to give us privacy between spaces so that the impression is not too open. Divider we can apply in the bedroom with the other rooms in the apartment. Divider can be achieved by utilizing blinds or high-sized rack.

studio apartment room partition design » Minimalist Studio Apartment Design Plans

Another thing that we must consider is the type of lighting, color, and storage area. For the type of lighting in a small studio apartment, we can apply the right kind of lighting from overhead to incorporate more natural light into the room so that the look of the room becomes wider and larger. For the selection of the right color in the minimalist studio apartment design, we can choose to apply the lighter colors seem to open a room, brighten the room and make the room look more WOW.

studio apartment furniture arrangement » Minimalist Studio Apartment Design Plans