Minimalist House Design Plans

This article describes about what should we know and understand about minimalist house designs, and some components or elements that we have to pay attention includes lighting, color, floors, and furniture.

If we intend to get a minimalist house design, then we will get a home that is designed to uphold the values ​​of functionality, but does not rule out the aesthetic value. Yeah, it could say we’ll get a house that is cool, stylish, clean, sleek, and will make us use a variety of geometric shapes in order to present the appearance of a more charming. When we have a house with limited living space, then apply the minimalist style would be very fitting to be applied where we can take advantage of every inch of the room to the fullest, and in the end we can get a house with a more interesting and effective.

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Then, what the best way we can do to maximize the minimalist design? Well, we can start by selecting various components or elements that have multiple functions. Here are some of the components or elements that we need to consider in order to presents the appearance of a minimalist design at home we have.

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(1) Lighting – this is one of the important elements that will enhance the appearance and character of minimalism when applied correctly. Remember, minimalist style is a style that requires us to create a simple effect so we can use different types of lighting to suit the function and purpose of a room.

(2) Colors – usually, a house with a minimalist design dominated by neutral colors such as black or white. However, we also can make homes look more cheerful atmosphere by applying bright colors such as orange, yellow, or red. We can use the bright color as an accent in a room that does not seem too boring.

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(3) Floor – flooring types that we can apply will depend on the tastes and abilities. However, generally a minimalist house designs will use wood floors with dark shades. We can also choose a variety of other types of flooring including tile or stone.

(4) Furniture – gets furniture with designs that straight, sleek, and clean. Do not forget also to get furniture which has multiple functions, such as coffee tables equipped with storage and others. Maximizing storage space is something we need to consider so that the house will always look neat and clean.

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