Living Room Track Lighting Design Ideas

Make your living room look charming with applying track lighting – This article describes about what is track lighting, the right place to apply track lighting, some benefits we can get by applies track lighting, and steps to make an installation of living room track lighting (start from preparation of some tools until the end steps).

As we all know, track lighting is one of the types of lighting that comes with some of the lights are tied to a single circuit with a light fixture attached to a straight track. We can apply the track lighting in various rooms ranging from dining room to living room. By applying the track lighting in a room, then we will issue a super captivating charm. We can implement the installation of track lighting because the procedure itself and the process are not as complicated as one might imagine. If we intend to apply the living room track lighting, then here are some steps how.

beautiful living room track lighting » Living Room Track Lighting Design Ideas

First, prepare some equipment such as a screwdriver, voltage tester, and others. Second, turn off the main power house and doing testing to make sure the electricity had died. Third, plug the cable connectors on the wires leading from the ceiling. Connect the wire in the tracks available and distributed electricity to light. Do not forget to connect the black wire to the black wire and the white wire to the white wire, and rotate along with the plastic connector caps. Fourth, attach the green wire, or we can apply a bare grounding wire to the metal mounting plate and attach it to the junction box in the ceiling.

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Fifth, sliding through a hole in the wire connector located on the mounting plate and screws the mounting plate to the ceiling. After that, do not forget to mark the joists in the ceiling using a stud finder. Sixth, make a line on the ceiling in order to give a sign to the track, place it on top of the mounting plate and make sure its direction remains parallel to the existing wall nearby. Seventh, hold the track against the ceiling at the top of the mounting plate and screws on the mounting plate tracks. Do not forget to push the screw through the track to the ceiling joists in order to secure the track to the ceiling. Eighth, connect the connector on the cable in at the end of the track. Make sure we follow the instructions given by the manufacturer for the model that we buy and place the cover on top of the connector. After that, install the light fixtures and we get living room track lighting that we wanted.

attractive living room track lighting » Living Room Track Lighting Design Ideas