Living Room Sofa Set Design Ideas

When we talk about sofa design for living room, then we will talk about a series of sofas designs ranging from loveseat sofa, sectional sofa, inflatable sofa, sofa sets, sofa settees, and a sleeper sofa. Each one of these sofa designs we can choose to consider aesthetic and comfort that we want to see the living room as a whole. Basically, choose a sofa with a proper design will depend on the tastes of each one of us, how the decor of the room that we want to get, and of course how much budget that we set. In addition, ensure that the sofa which we choose to have harmony with the colors that we apply on walls and other decor elements are things that we should not forget. Because the sofa is placed in a room that functioned as a place for family entertainment as well as a place to greet every guest that comes, then pay attention to the beautiful design and maximum comfort are important things we do.

comfortable living room sofas » Living Room Sofa Set Design Ideas

(1) Loveseat sofa – a sofa that is designed to be occupied by two people with a smaller size. This is a sofa that fits perfectly placed in a confined space and it would be fun for us and to get an impression of a romantic couple by applying this couch.

(2) Sectional sofas – this is a sofa that is very precise in giving the sectional view. This is a sofa that is very appropriate to be applied in the large living room and we’ll get extra comfort with implementing this type of sofa. If we want to display a room that gives accent to the interior of the house, then we can apply this type of sofa by choosing a coating material that is made of high quality fabric.

(3) The settees sofas – this is one type of sofa designs that present a long bench with backs that will give an interesting touch to the overall living room décor.

(4) Sleeper sofa – this is one type of sofa that can be converted into two items, namely a sofa and a bed. There are many coating materials that we can get for this type of sofas ranging from leather to fabric.

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(5) Sofa sets – this is a kind of sofa design for living room that we can get very easily in a furniture store. By choosing to implement this type of sofa, then we will get a sofa set that consists of two single chairs and one to two or three seating chair seating.

(6) Inflatable sofa – this is one type of sofa which is also known as water couch made of plastic with a wide selection of colors, designs, and styles. Advantages of applying this type of sofa are dependable durability, inexpensive, convenient, and certainly will give the look an attractive decor in the living room.