Kitchen Pantry Cabinet and Some Recommendations of Great Designs

In kitchen, kitchen pantry cabinet is useful furniture to have. This is good furniture that provides space to store and organize cooking equipment. In addition, the cabinet will also become good part of kitchen decoration. It may look simple, but it can change the mood in kitchen. That is why it is necessary to have the cabinet.

unique kitchen pantry cabinet design » Kitchen Pantry Cabinet and Some Recommendations of Great Designs

Some Options of Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

  1. Swing out cabinet

For the first choice of kitchen pantry cabinet, you get a swing-out cabinet. This one is like a refrigerator where you can use most of spaces as storage. The cabinet does not only have space in interior, but the door is also designed to give the useful storage.

Once you open the cabinet, you will find plenty of storage units. The main part is divided into two sides. Each of them has different sizes of shelves, so it is easier to organize the cooking equipment. Then, the doors have shelves where you may keep some basic cooking ingredients, such as salts, sugars, and other ingredients.

  1. Standing pantry cabinet

This cabinet is different from the first reference of kitchen pantry cabinet. Well, it is actually quite common to find. Based on design, the cabinets have three main parts.  The upper and lower parts are divided by a spot that will be enough to place microwave.

The upper parts are cabinet with glass doors. The items stored in this part surely can be seen easily from the outside. Moreover, it gets illumination, so it looks nice. Then, the lower part has a drawers and two-door cabinet. In term of drawer, it is large enough to store some glasses or plates. Then, the lower cabinet has wooden door, so it has no transparent glass as the upper cabinet.

  1. Glass pantry cabinets

The third kitchen pantry cabinet is actually a nice model with glass doors. The design is quite simple. It has white finish as the only color in the furniture. Even, the shelves on cabinets are painted in white. This color choice is actually nice since white can blend well in most of kitchen decoration.

In term of layout, the cabinet is divided into two parts. The upper parts have larger space compared to lower parts. Then, the separators or shelves on upper parts also have large gaps, so these are suitable for cooking pots, and other big cooking equipment. Meanwhile, the lower part’s shelves are smaller, so they can store plates, glasses, and smaller kitchen equipment.

  1. Unique wooden cabinet

For the next idea, the cabinet has unique design. It is not like common cabinet that provides height instead of width. Horizontally, the cabinets look like some stoves arranged into one frame. It looks unique. Mainly, this furniture has two-door cabinets and three drawers.

The whole material is made of wood. The finishing is made unique and rustic, so it keeps the texture of wood. Moreover, it only gets effect to make the woods look darker. On top of cabinets and drawers, you can see four unique shelves. They are like mail slot or letterboxes.

All these pantry cabinets have different design which may give you good references to buy new furniture. Each of them has the nice and unique design as storage. Surely, they can become great recommendations of kitchen pantry cabinet.