Kitchen Backsplash Tile with Simple Patterns and Nice Color Combinations

Cooking is interesting activity to do. Although you do it every day, there can always new menu to cook and new experience to gain. In order to get best mood for cooking, of course you will need good kitchen decoration. There are many parts to get attention, and kitchen backsplash tile is one of the parts that cannot be missed. You can get nice design of backsplash tiles, and surely these will upgrade the appearance of your kitchen.

The great designs of kitchen backsplash tiles

When you talk about backsplash tiles, there are a lot of designs and patterns to choose. You will be able to find plenty of designs that surely will refresh the interior design in cooking space. In case you need some insights, here are some great ideas of backsplash tiles to choose.

unique kitchen backsplash tile designs » Kitchen Backsplash Tile with Simple Patterns and Nice Color Combinations

  1. Black glossy tiles

When you need strong character in your kitchen, black and other dark colors can be chosen. In this case, the first kitchen backsplash tile gives you the black glossy tiles. Instead of using mate color, it has glossy surface that will look better due to its shiny part.

The design is simple since it takes the design of classical bricks painted in glossy black. However, it is not kind of brick arranged and stacked, yet it has three bricks for the pattern. As the result, it gives unique design.

There are also white lines to give additional detail on the backsplash tiles. These are not kind of bold lines, yet these are made in thin size, so it is like having transparent lines that separate each of the brick.

  1. Herringbone backsplash tiles

The next idea of kitchen backsplash tile also has combination of black and white colors. However, the concept of color is switched since now white is dominant color, while the white color is used for the lining.

For the pattern, it has design of herringbone. The tiles have good length and it creates good pattern of fish bones. However, these are not kinds of tiles installed with line in the middle of two sides of tiles. Yet, the diagonal tiles are arranged to fill the space and each of them is connected. It creates better design of pattern.

kitchen backsplash tile patterns » Kitchen Backsplash Tile with Simple Patterns and Nice Color Combinations

Then, the white tiles and black lining in this kitchen backsplash tile is combined with the whole room decoration that has white color. It gives sensation of spacious and clean cooking space. It surely looks nice. The cabinets in the kitchen are also painted in white. However, different color is applied on the upper cabinet that has light tone of brown to give additional detail in the theme of the room.

Those are two interesting ideas of tiles for backsplash. Both of them are actually simple design of tiles. These two have similar concept of bricks, but they have different ways in arranging, so the pattern can also have variation. The color is also different. Therefore, you can have option of design. These two designs surely give good references of how you should decorate kitchen with the best kitchen backsplash tile.