Intelligent Home Lighting Control Systems

Give you such of easinessIntelligent home lighting control is basically one type of innovative lighting that is controlled by an automated system. It is one kind of light that is able to create complicated effects that will make the appearance of the exterior and interior house becomes more WOW. To note, the first time in 1972, an automatic lighting system implemented as stage lighting in a theater in Switzerland. Due to the rapid ability to change the characteristics possessed lighting, intelligent lighting was implemented in a system that is then programmed using a computer and run automatically. By applying this type of lighting, then we still can control the lights in the house and outside the house even when we’re not at home by relying on its motion sensor.

innovative home lighting control » Intelligent Home Lighting Control Systems

When we talk about intelligent home lighting control, then we will talk about a number of features possessed. There are many features that are designed to offer a number of different lighting options and here are some of the features.

(1) Has the technique dimming capability;

(2) It has a lot of options dichroic color filters sets on the color wheel that are used to automatically change the color;

(3) It has a four bladed shutters that automatically framing;

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(4) Has a gate pattern wheels with shutters to change the shape of the light;

(5) Having a high speed motors steooer that can open and close the shutters to create a strobe effect;

(6) It has lights attached to a fully motorized yoke for better pan and tilt capabilities; and

(7) It has a mirror that automatically rotates to reflect the light beam along the axes of X and Y. Although it is controlled and fully automatic operation, if we want to run it manually then we can run it. While the function of intelligent lighting is to meet the needs of mood changes or the heart condition from homeowners.

clever home lighting control » Intelligent Home Lighting Control Systems