Indoor Bicycle Storage Design Ideas

If we want to implement indoor bicycle storage, but we have limited space, so do not feel worried. If we store the bike indoors, then there are some advantages that we can get. One of the advantages we can get is we’re going to keep the bike always in a clean condition and well maintained. Yup, when cleaning the room, then automatically we will clean up all the objects in it, including the presence of bicycles. It’s certainly very different from when we store the bike outside the room where the possibility to perform regular cleaning is almost impossible to do.

There are several ways that we can apply to store bicycles in the room without having to use more space and here are some of them.

(1) Applying the ceiling mount bike hoist – we can put the bike on the ceiling of the room. Well, this is rarely done, but not impossible to do, is not it?!. The ceiling is one of the empty spaces that could be utilized as a storage area including for storing bicycles we have. The way is quiet easy, just install ceiling mount bike hoist and we can directly use it. It is one of the storage systems that use a pulley so it will require a bit of effort for us to raise the bike up or lower the bike down.

(2) Applying wall mounted bike rack – this is one of the creative ideas that we can apply when we have the availability of sufficient space on the wall. We can apply the wall mounted bike rack and immediately store the bike there safely and comfortably.

(3) Applying floor bike rack – This is an indoor bicycle storage that we can apply when we have a bit of space on the floor. We can store several bikes in the bike rack or free-standing and this will be very suitable for us to apply in the corner of the room and not have to worry because it will not make us spend a lot of space.